The Lorton Group announces the expansion of accessories for its PRVC Cubicle curtains and shower rod products

The Lorton Group has announced the expansion of its line of accessories for its Ceiling Mount, PRVC Enclosure and Shower Rod Curtains. These products are used in healthcare facilities worldwide

The leading provider of textile solutions for healthcare, Lorton group, recently announced some product line expansions. This additional accessory aims to improve the user experience and the installation of privacy curtains. The innovative accessories are offered in various product categories including shower curtain rods, PRVC cubicle/shower curtains and ceiling curtains.

Each accessory has features designed to help healthcare professionals work more productively and efficiently. Products that support ceiling curtains, such as ceiling tracks, end caps, splices and tiebacks are listed under the “Ceiling Mounted Curtain Accessories” category on the company’s official website. The items simplify the installation and removal of ceiling mounted drapes for healthcare providers as they adhere to all fabrics, are reusable and waterproof.

The PRVC Vertical Mounts and Wall Mounts, both offered as high quality, Made in the USA accessories, are used to attach vertical curtain tracks to ceilings or wall surfaces respectively. The existing furniture in the room only needs to be modified slightly to accommodate the wall and vertical brackets, which are fortunately easy to install. It is recommended to use these brackets to change the orientation of the curtain track as this can be done without significant renovation of the interior space itself.

Shower curtain accessories come in both straight and curved rails. The company sells hooks and rings in a variety of designs and materials. The curved shower rail is suitable for single showers, while the straight, round shower rail is made specifically for bathtub setups. The site also offers a variety of hook and shower ring options. To find out more about pricing for Lorton Group products, contact the customer service department on their website.

“The Lorton Group is committed to providing hospital patients with the best privacy alternatives. We introduce advances in the manufacture and application of hospital curtain accessories. Our products’ contemporary design and clever component placement solves several problems with traditional booth curtain designs while providing our customers with the support they need for efficient product delivery,” said a Lorton Group official.

Additionally, she emphasized the stability of Lorton’s innovative products by stating:

“We build our products in the knowledge that a medical drape is used extensively by many people, both patients and medical staff. They act as a collection point for spills and stains. To perform properly, a medical curtain must be immune to stains and other infectious materials Lorton Group’s medical curtains are made from a strong, durable fabric that is resistant to allergens, free of toxic metals and treated with an antibacterial treatment to help prevent bacterial growth to prevent The product’s unique patent design and the efficient use of materials are the answer to all the needs and specifications of cabin curtains, whether they are used in hospitals and clinics or for other commercial or residential purposes.”

Customers can browse the company’s products on the Lorton Group official website, The website also contains instructional videos and pictures to help users observe products and installation methods for a hassle-free experience.

About the Lorton Group

Lorton group was founded in 2010. The company specializes in the manufacture and sale of textile products such as traditional hospital cubicle curtains, shower curtains, as well as curtain systems for patient lifting and non-ceiling mounted curtain systems for cubicles. The brand also provides services and merchandise for public and private hospitals, military-operated facilities, VA hospitals, nursing homes, college campuses, and medical offices, as well as other contractors and distributors.


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