How Title IX Lawyer Can Help College Students

Many college students and young adults are surprised to learn that they have the right to sue the school for violating Title IX. It is important that you and your child seek legal counsel if you are in this situation.

A Title IX Lawyer Spartanburg is able to help you protect your rights and ensure that your college follows federal guidelines in conducting its hearings and investigation. These rules, which can’t be found in other types of legal proceedings, ensure that students are fully informed about the charges, have access to all evidence, and have an opportunity to cross-examine witnesses.

Your Title IX defense attorney will act as a mediator and advocate for you rights throughout the disciplinary process. If an investigator fails to follow proper procedures or if a hearing is held without adequate protections for complainants, he or she will file a complaint.

Defending your case in the School’s system:

If you are a student at a college or university and have been accused of sexual harassment or Title IX violations, it is important to know that the school’s disciplinary procedures can be difficult and confusing. Many students don’t know how they can navigate the complex procedures and processes of their schools. And the consequences could have lasting consequences on their future career opportunities.

It is essential that you take the time to gather any and all evidence that may be relevant to your case. This includes text messages, emails, videos and witness statements. You should also choose witnesses who can support your side of the story, and aren’t biased by personal feelings about you or the incident.

Talking to others about the incident should be done with caution, as hearsay can be used as evidence in Title IX cases. You should also be aware of the possibility that any information you post to social media or send via text message regarding the alleged incident could be used as evidence against yourself.

Mediation to settle a Title IX claim

In some cases, universities may be willing to accept an informal resolution of the complaint. This process allows both sides to work with a neutral party, such as a lawyer-advisor, to resolve the conflict amicably. This is a more cost-effective option than filing civil lawsuits, but it does NOT guarantee that the student-defendant will win.

A Title IX attorney is able to help you collect evidence and challenge it.

While the standard of proof in a Title IX case is generally much lower than in a criminal case, it still requires a great deal of preparation. Your attorney will be able collect all relevant evidence. This can include voice messages and interviews with witnesses. They can also challenge credibility of the accuser through inconsistencies, or other factors that could be used to question their account.

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