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Fritan Technology, a renowned product development and engineering firm, provided insight How to repair a stripped screw hole for the benefit of DIY enthusiasts and anyone who needs to get their job done effectively.

Fritan Technology has built its experience and specialization by developing products that tick the right boxes for the home repair, renovation and decoration industry. Not only are they intelligently designed, but also cleverly executed to make life easier for those involved in these industries. In addition to its cutting-edge products, the company also strives to help people with insights to solve problems that can become the bane of their existence.

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For example, those looking to repair a stripped screw hole need to understand where the problem lies in the first place. According to his source of information, broken screws are caused by the wood fibers around the screw head being torn off. Because these fibers are often torn due to stress, they cannot hold or connect. It often happens in places where joints move too often or when the joint needs to be put under excessive stress.

In fact, this problem most often occurs with screws that are attached to doors and frames. The year-round opening and closing of doors results in stripped screws, which can be annoying. This is where the simple solutions from Fritan Technology have their advantages. These simple solutions do not require any special tools or equipment and are so simple that virtually anyone can solve the problem themselves.

  • Of course, one of the simplest solutions is to use a larger screw. In fact, Fritan Technology strongly recommends using a fringe screw. However, it is also claimed that ideally the screw should have the same thread pattern as the previous one.

  • Screw repair kits are another inexpensive solution. This is where the dowels need to be glued into the hole to create a surface for the screws to hold on to.

  • Those who deal with it Torn screws in door hinge You can also resort to filling the hole with tiny strips of wood. You can then try to re-tighten the screw to good effect and find a way around the problem.

  • Fritan Technology also highlights the benefits of using hardwood plugs. With this method, screw holes are drilled before the hole is filled with a glued ½-inch dowel or a solid wood dowel. These hardwood plugs can be found easily and cheaply.

Dealing with a stripped screw hole can be tricky. But these Fritan Technology solutions can help people solve the problem with ease. There are many such crucial insights that people can find on their comprehensive website.

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